Today’s theme was Lines. We went down the street from our house and took these few shots. We did not capture as many photos as we would have liked because it was too cold to be outside for long (it’s 20 degrees, but it feels colder than that). Also, ‘A’s camera died as soon as she turned it on, so she does not have anything to show for today. Next time, right?

Lines by ‘H’



Lines by Mama





Our Photo Project

Welcome to the home of our home school photo project.

My two girls and I have started a long term photo project as part of our home school work. ‘A’ is in 3rd grade and ‘H’ is in 1st. It was just the other day that I realized we need a creative project like this in our lives. I miss having the time and space to wander and take photos of things that catch my eye. Now that my girls are old enough to use a camera and take on a long-term project, we’re embarking on this together.

My plan is to carve out time once a week or once every other week where the girls and I will go somewhere with the intention of taking photos. We’ll each have a camera to use and we can photograph whatever suits our fancy. As they become more comfortable with the camera, we’ll start to explore themes such as composition, color and light.

I’ll be posting the photos in this space.